Follow The Cooked Egg Diet and Lose Up To 11 Kilo's In Just 2 Weeks!

The Cooked egg diet. When we want to lose weight we start to exercise, we join a gym and we start a new routine of activities, also incorporate the presence of a diet to make our food much more balanced.

Many people have the misconception that dieting is to stop eating, but it’s just the opposite.

To establish it normally it is necessary to go to a nutritionist to evaluate our mood, weight, etc. But in most cases due to lack of time we do not go to them and we search by our own means some recipes and tricks to start the diet.


Following this diet for two weeks you will lose approximately 11 kilos. Take note and use it as soon as possible.


Monday: At breakfast you will consume two cooked eggs and one fruit, it is necessary that the fruit is citric. During the two weeks of diet the breakfast is the same. At lunch you will eat fruit and whole wheat bread. You will eat a serving of cooked chicken and salad for dinner.

Tuesday: a serving of chicken and green salad for lunch and at dinner 2 eggs, vegetable salad and an orange.

Wednesday: A serving of low-fat cheese at lunch may be Ricotta, cottage cheese, pan or skim. At dinner you will eat chicken and salad.

Thursday: For lunch fruit salad, for dinner, salad and a moderate amount of steamed chicken.

Friday: Two eggs and steamed vegetables at lunch, and for dinner you will have grilled fish and green salad.

Saturday: Fruit salad for lunch and steamed chicken with salad for dinner.

Sunday: To finish the first week, you will also eat two eggs and one fruit at breakfast, chicken with vegetables and tomato salad at lunch and for dinner only steamed vegetables.


Monday : Already in the second week we are more adapted to the change of the meals and their portions. For breakfast you will eat two eggs and one fruit, chicken and salad for lunch and two eggs, salad and an orange to ingest at dinner.

Tuesday: Chicken and salad for lunch and two eggs, vegetable salad and an orange for cerna.

Wednesday: At lunch touch cooked chicken and large salad and finally, for dinner 2 eggs, vegetable salad and 1 orange.

Thursday : Two egg, low-fat cheese and vegetables for lunch and steamed chicken with salad during dinner.

Friday: For lunch tuna salad and for dinner two eggs and salad.

Saturday: Baked chicken and salad at lunch and a nutritious and fruit dinner.

Sunday: For this last day, you will consume two eggs and one fruit at breakfast, chicken and steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Once the 2 weeks have passed you should weigh yourself and notice the change of 11 kilos of difference.